Artificial Intelligence Platform for Analytics


Insight Engine

Deep learning neural networks for behaviour analysis of multi-channel data. Identifying trends, correlations, and anomalies from various datasets.

Context Engine

Natural Language Understanding and knowledge graph engine to interpret reporting requirements and identify external contextual datasets.


Your personal AI Data Analyst, powered by our Insight and Context engines, there to explain and distribute timely insights across your organisation.

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Give your Data Analytics, Marketing, Sales and Operations teams the self-servicing data support application they need to answer your key business questions.

  • Get answers to hundreds of industry focused business questions
  • Clear narratives explaining insights on key performance indicators
  • A smarter and efficient approach to user support for analytics teams
  • Collaboration and insight sharing capability to make teamwork easier
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  • Get Answers
  • Mobile Digital Analyst

    Take your personal AI Data Analyst anywhere with our mobile app you can talk to DATA, email him to get custom insight reports sent straight to your inbox in either PDF or PowerPoint.

    • An intelligent assistant at your fingertip to answer data related questions
    • Natural Language Processing system to understand requirements and answer questions
    • Context driven responses based on each users roles and responsibilities in the organisation
    • Intelligent approach to sharing information across teams and asking questions where needed
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  • Mobile Digital Analyst
  • AI Platform

    AI and machine learning platform to ingest large datasets, analyse it and communicate insight enterprise wide.

    • Identifying trends correlations and anomalies from various datasets
    • Years of analysts support interaction data to train machine learning algorithms
    • Powering enterprise-grade artificial intelligence digital assistance for fast deployment
    • Insights and recommendations structured for distribution through various platforms
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  • AI Platform
    • Strengths

      The value we bring to every project is based on our stengths


      Industry Experts

      With over 25 years cumulated experience in digital analytics and programmatic advertising. We understand and know the value of data, analytics and insight in making data driven decisions.


      Cutting Edge Technology

      Our AI Platform is developed following years of research in cutting edge applications and techniques in deep learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing.


      Vast Datasets

      Over the years we’ve amassed a vast amount of user behaviour, digital marketing datasets to which has become a key component in training our machine learning and deep neural network models.

      Intelligence on different channels

      Timing in the delivery of relevant data is everything when it comes to making data driven decisions.


      The AI Platform with its strong analytical capabilities and machine learning algorithms, combined with the conversational interface of the Virtual Analyst system, can communicate with users and distribute insight as and when needed through multiple channel.


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