Beyond Data

Being data-driven goes beyond having data generating technology, it is a cultural change,
a change in the mindset that lets you see problems as a data challenge that can be solved.​
[AI] Analytics Intelligence develops solutions that can help you harness and structure
the value of your data to find insight.
Putting Africa on the global AI map

[AI] Analytics Intelligence is blazing the part of applying artificial intelligence solutions
to clients in various African countries. We have developed solutions in facial recognition,
natural language processing and qualitative data analytics for clients in Government,
Financial Services, Retail, Telco’s and the Oil sector.
Upgrade to an AI data-driven team

The myDATA Digital Assistant application is developed to act as a personal analyst
programmed to help each member of your organisation achieve given business goals.
By automating the monitoring of agreed metrics as key performance indicators (KPIs)
that will drive a goal you never lose track of your target.

Intelligence as a service

[AI] Analytics Intelligence has developed solutions that help companies harness and structure the value of their data to find insight and enable intelligence. We make intelligence available on-demand and delivered as a service.

Our Products & Services


Meet DATA, your personal data analyst digital assistant, built on our AI-powered conversational engine so you can interact with DATA in plain English, ask it questions about your data and get answers you can take action on ...
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[AI] Platform

The [AI] Platform is an enterprise-grade event and customer data collection and analytics platform. It is used to collect all your relevant datasets in one place for analysis, create machine learning data models and report …
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IDntity is a facial recognition and identity verification solution provided for clients in the banking sector for security or customer on-boarding and Government sector for security and border control ….
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OneScore is a white-label credit scoring and loan management solution driven by machine learning targeted at organization that lends to individuals and corporate bodies. We provide a comprehensive credit score….
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MONI is a white label customer loyalty solution with complete customer behavior data analytics for companies looking to provide points rewards scheme for their loyal customers and get insight from spending patterns…
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Bespoke Solution

We offer bespoke data and artificial Intelligence software development solutions that expand the functions of our existing products. We also provide data science and insight reporting support services to clients...
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Our clients

Some Data-driven Industries leaders that choose to work with [AI]