[AI] Platform

Put artificial intelligence at the centre of your digital strategy with our end-to-end big data analytics and customer data platform. It is a repository for all customer, event and transactional datasets in one place for analysis, create machine learning data models.

Artificial Intelligence Platform For Analytics

Analytics engine

Connecting data from different silos for analysis should be a priority for any organization looking to get insight from vast amount of data being collected. With an analytics engine developed to analyze multiple datasets in one go the [AI] Platform quickly identifies trends, anomalies and makes predictions that gives users insight they can take action on.

Context Engine

The Context Engine is a knowledge graph system used to process output from the analytics engine and find possible factors that can add context to the data reported. It accesses multiple datasets in our data warehouse that stores a diverse range of quality verifiable data such as relevant events dates, weather data, holidays and social economic data.

Cognitive engine

The Cognitive Engine is a self-learning system that harnesses the capabilities of the Analytics Engine, Neural Network and the Context Engine to mimic the reasoning process and show intelligence. It is the powerhouse of the [AI] Platform.

Neural networks

Using powerful Neural Network libraries such as Tensorflow, the Neural Network is a deep learning system used by the regression algorithms of the analytics engine and Natural Language Processing system used by myDATA.

Integrate any data source

With connectors to any data source via APIs, webhooks or CSV files there is no limit to the data we can analyse. You can add in various datasets to start training the AI Platform for analysis and insight.

Smart alerts and notifications

DATA monitors your KPIs to ensure you are notified as soon as there are any changes to your data. Feed alerts from different tools into the AI Platform and DATA will alert you via chat, email or SMS.