About Us

[AI] Analytics Intelligence is a data analytics and artificial intelligence software development company. We believe that the growth of data, data analysis and artificial intelligence, are significantly changing how organizations, cities and government agencies will be run going into the future and are providing services and products to help clients implement future proof Digital Transformation strategy.

Origin And Purpose

Our journey began in the United Kingdom, and from day one, our goal has been to empower everyone to go beyond data to generate insights and intelligence for decision making.

Products and services

Data Assistant

Empower your Digital Marketing teams with AI. Data Assistant is a Conversational AI solution that acts as your personal campaign conversion rate optimization data assistant

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Powerdby[AI] is a low code machine learning API delivery platform. Built for individuals looking to build intelligent products by embedding machine learning functions.

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[AI] Academy

[AI] Academy is the leading online training platform for data analysis and machine learning. Easy for individuals and organizations to learn the required technical skills for the future of work.

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