[AI]’s facial recognition and identity verification solution solution used by clients to verify customer identification documents for security or customer onboarding needs for an intelligent and automated near real-time KYC check

When identity matters companies and organizations turn to IDntity, [AI]’s identity verification solution driven by data and machine learning algorithms for the verification of customer’s identification documents passport, driving license, national identification, BVN and home address.

Our [AI]-powered identity verification solution connects to your product, app or service to determine the validity of your customers’ physical identities. With a simple ID scan & real-time selfie, IDntity lets you accurately and seamlessly know, verify and trust your customer with accurate results in near real-time and reduces your reliance on manual reviews. These capabilities supports speedy account opening for your customers, prevents fraud, maintain compliance and onboard customers faster and delivers a smother customer experience.

Use Cases

Online Banking

Custom and
Border Protection

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Retail services