White label customer loyalty scheme with customer behaviour data analytics for companies looking to provide a points rewards scheme for their loyal customers​

MONI is a customer loyalty and rewards solution developed for companies in the in the eCommerce, retail, travel, leisure and hospitality sectors. The solution is part of [AI]’s Collaborative Customer Intelligence initiative developed for identifying and de-duplicating customer data in the [AI] Platform database for providing targeted, personalized, advertising and sales campaign for partners of the initiative.

Customer Analytics Dashboard

A key strength of the system is the reporting and analytics dashboard the system comes with, providing insights into spending patterns, customer interests and reports on stores performance.

Customer app and loyalty cards

A brand customizable mobile application which the customer can use to collect, spend and manage their points as they transact with you.

Cashier app and till integration

A brand customizable mobile application which your cashiers can use to scan customers QR codes to identify them, check customer loyalty levels and issue points. It also comes with SDK application to integrate into existing tills system.