Data Analytics Team Assistant [DATA], is your personal data analyst, built on our AI-powered conversational engine, DATA makes information and insight easily available across the organization reducing the barriers for entry to analytics so people can focus on actions and outcomes.

Collaborate and share insight

One source of truth that can be shared between and amongst teams. Ensure teams, departments and the whole company is looking at the same numbers and taking action together.

A Data Assistant for every user

DATA is focused on supporting each user with their data and reporting needs. Once assigned to a user or team it is available 24/7 to answer questions or run reports. It learns what KPIs each user or team is focused on and monitors performances and sending alerts of key changes.

A Goal-Oriented Approach

myDATA changes your focus from manually analyzing pointless metrics to measuring true key performance indicators. Create weekly, monthly or annual KPI goals and let your Data Assistant monitor their performance and through machine learning predict outcomes.

Integrate any data source

With connectors to any data source via APIs, webhooks or CSV files there is no limit to the data that can be analyzed in the [AI] Platform. You can add in various datasets to start training the AI Platform for analysis and insight.

Smart alerts and notifications

Let DATA monitor your KPIs and goals to ensure you are notified as soon as there are any significant changes to data the your care about. Feed alerts from different tools into the AI Platform and DATA will alert you via chat, email or SMS.

Ask questions, get answers

With a library of hundreds of business questions at your fingertips. Ask a questions and let your Data Assistant analyze your data to answer key questions. Using its conversational engine DATA can initiate and engage in dialogue through multiple systems like Email, Slack or Whatsapp.