White-labeled credit scoring and loans management solution powered by data analytics and machine learning. Developed for organizations that lends to individuals and corporate that needs to expand and digitize their entire loan application and collection process.

[AI]’s credit scoring and loans management solution will set new standards of how customer data can be used to ascertain the likelihood of a loan being repaid. Our credit scoring algorithms are unparalleled in terms of accuracy and provides consistent results where human judgement and error may impact loan approval decisions.

At the core of the system is a collaborative data sharing infrastructure between organizations that use the system. This vast dataset strengthens the accuracy of the algorithm and directly corresponds to the amount of debt risk the lender is likely to incur, making easy to determine interest rates. The solution is part of [AI]’s Collaborative Customer Intelligence initiative developed for identifying and de-duplicating customer data in the [AI] Platform database for providing targeted, personalized, advertising and sales campaign for partners of the initiative

Integrated in the OneScore Credit Platform is IDntity [AI]’s identity verification solution used by client’s in to verify customer identification documents for security or customer onboarding. The use of an identification verification solution within the loan or credit application process can help to improve conversion rates, comply with KYC regulations, and better detect fraud by knowing all details about the client in near real-time.

Corporate credit scoring

Loans under this category are often for larger sums; hence they provide a greater potential risk to the lender. But with OneScore, and adjusting our model accordingly, we can provide a comprehensive detailed corporate credit score that will enable the lender make a better-informed decision.

Consumer credit scorings

Individual clients just like corporate will tend to require capital whether it be to start a business or to augment income until salary is paid. With OneScore, evaluating various factors and variables can provide a more accurate credit score for such clients to assist in the lenders’ decision making.