Powerdby [AI] is a platform for developers and AI specialists to create, test, and deploy machine learning models in simple API integrations. It enables the deployment of machine learning models making use of the API library provided by API Platform.

With no coding required, Powerdby [AI] allows you to integrate with your existing systems without incurring downtime or introducing any further complexity into your internal operations.

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Easy Identity and Document Verification

Easily verify and authenticate users in real-time to increase trust in your platform.

AutoML tool (Predictive Modelling)

Use the latest Machine Learning tool to build predictive models on your historical data.

Object Detection

Detect a variety of common objects and label the parts of the image that contains those objects.

Emotion Detection

Detect the human face in an image and classify the facial expression of the faces in the image.

License Plate Recognition

A Bespoke model trained to detect and extract information like plate number and state from Nigerian License plates.

Gender Detection

A Computer Vision model that can categorise the gender of persons in human faces in an image.

Other products and services

Data Assistant

Empower your Digital Marketing teams with AI. Data Assistant is a Conversational AI solution that acts as your personal campaign conversion rate optimization data assistant

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[AI] Academy

[AI] Academy is the leading online training platform for data analysis and machine learning. Easy for individuals and organizations to learn the required technical skills for the future of work.

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